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Now offering FREE PROOFREADING services to new clients.

We specialise in self-published fiction and non-fiction, but have experience in a variety of areas – including B2C copy (for web and print marketing), playtexts and academic dissertations. We promise to offer you a professional and friendly proofreading service, tailored to your individual needs.

We do this because we love it. Writers are passionate people and we want to help you on your journey to have a piece you’re really proud to show off to the world. You may be sharing your work for the first time – a nerve-wracking experience for anyone – and we applaud you for taking this next step.

The most important thing is that you get what you want from us, and we are here to support you in whatever you need and offer a range of services to make sure it is the right approach for you.

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Services We Offer

  1. Basic Proofread – purely spelling and grammar
  2. Standard Proofread – spelling, grammar and dialectic inconsistencies (in other words, do your sentences make sense)
  3. Proofreading & Formatting – all of the above, plus assistance with standard formatting
  4. Standard Proofread & Review – spelling, grammar and up to 2 pages of written notes
  5. Full Proofread & Edit – all of the above, on-page notes and suggestions and up to 8 pages of written notes

Base Rate of £18 per hour


About Us

We are based in East Anglia and would be eager to work with local writers. However, we do work remotely and organise video calls with clients worldwide to discuss projects. If you haven’t worked with a proofreader before – perhaps you’re a debut author, student or business owner – allow us to guide you through the process. New clients are invited to try out our services free of charge (up to 10,000 words).

What We Offer

As proofreaders, we are dedicated to helping you put your best foot forward. When you put your words out into the world, scrutiny is inevitable and little mistakes can cause big problems. Typos, inconsistent font sizes, broken hyperlinks; these small errors can be the difference between a distinction and a pass, a client gained or a client lost, a book deal secured or dismissed.

  • Spelling and Grammar – No matter how many times you re-read something, typos will can slip through. Having another pair of fresh, unbiased eyes to look over your work is invaluable. And if grammar has always been a source of misery, let us take that stress away (because we actually quite like grammar).
    NB: In the case of creative writing, syntax, style and grammar can become entangled, but as proofreaders we aim to work in unity with your style.
  • Standardised Formatting – Are your font sizes and margins the same on every page? Are your references laid out correctly? Do the page numbers match your contents? All the little time-consuming things we will do for you.
  • Editing – An in-depth look at your work. This is an additional service that can work in conjunction with, or separate from, proofreading. The goal when editing is to look at the piece as a whole and find ways to improve. The method here will vary depending on the style of writing and the kind of involvement you are looking for.
  • Personalised Approach – Every writer is different and every piece of writing will demand a different approach. We want to give your work its best chance.
  • Excellent Communication – Questions are likely to arise.  Your questions will be treated with speed and sincerity. We want you to feel supported. Our questions will be considered and coherent. We want to ensure you are receiving the best possible service. Proofreading can, and should, be a meticulous process.

Who we are

Georgie Matthews
Specialities: Fantasy Fiction, Literary Fiction, B2C Copywriting

16-06-01-Georgie-M-02-0055Georgie is a fiction lover, with a particular interest in contemporary fiction and fantasy fiction. Georgie has experience proofreading a variety of styles, including novels, blogs, online copy and academic dissertations. She has a background in the book industry, having worked as a book reviewer, bookseller and regional buyer for Waterstones. Georgie also has a marketing background, and has worked with Top Ranking websites for SEO in the hobbyist sectors. Georgie has a BA in English Literature from the University of East Anglia and works as a freelance copywriter, writer and performer.

Chloe France
Specialities: Short and Long-Form Non-Fiction, University Dissertations

chloe france headshotChloe is an avid reader of long-form non-fiction. She has a particular interest in proofreading short or long-form non-fiction, dissertations and coursework for undergraduate and masters degrees and online content. She has a BA in History from Magdalene College, Cambridge and an MFA in Theatre Directing from Birkbeck College. She works as a freelance theatre director and proofreader.


“Georgie edited my debut novel A Brotherhood of Crows. She excelled at her task – she demonstrated promptness in her work, insightfulness in her comments, and her communication was excellent throughout. Georgie has a real enthusiasm for her work, and I would recommend her services to any writers in need of a proofreader and editor.”

Chris Waugh, Fantasy Author

“I was really struggling with my Masters thesis, and sent it to Georgie only days before the deadline. Despite the timescale, she was effective and extremely prompt, returning it to me two days later, having proofread and edited the document to a fantastic standard. I believe Georgie’s involvement contributed greatly to my final grade, which was the best in the class. I am very grateful for her help.”

Daire Curran, Physiotherapy Masters Student at UEA

“Georgie has assisted me in a freelance capacity for the past few years, as a copywriter and proofreader in connection with my web design business. She is highly proficient, hard working and always keen to fulfil her brief to the best possible standard.”

Neville Matthews, Web Developer

“Georgie has helped me many times with academic essays, cover letters and blog articles. She is always quick with her work and gives helpful advice.”

Kelly Hides, Book Blogger

Please contact us to make an enquiry about our free proofreading services for new clients.

Based in East Anglia, Norfolk, Norwich, UK
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