Inspired at Midnight

Burst of creativity at midnight! Writing writing writing. Ow my hand. Must get thoughts down on paper. Keep writing writing writing.

Anyone else make wavy hand gestures when they’re trying to think of the right word? Like a composer and my words are the musicians…

…but somewhere in the midst of the string section, a violin is a fraction out of tune. A word not quite right. But you’re in the middle…

…of a movement. Can’t stop the orchestra. Can’t stop the flow of ideas attempting to rush from the box of skyblue ideas boucing around…

…inside, too filled with energy to stay consecutive, the words all too excited, trying to get to the front of the line that’s heading…

…down the nerve endings of your arm towards a second fluid blue box at the end of your hand, from which a river is flowing, streaming…

…cascading from line to line on the paper.

Then it stops.


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