How do I do this?

Pandora's Envelope

Ok, so, I have decided to write a blog.

I have never written a blog.

That is unless you count some delightfully over-formatted myspace entries when I was 11, back when the most exciting thing you could do with online text was to go from austere Times New Roman to the playful Comic Sans that fills one with a sense of childish middle class rebellion. There was no demand to say something interesting or funny or intelligent or even legible back then. There was only the delightfully innocent notion of telling people about yourself.

And myspace was only the beginning. Since then, autobiographical media produces a daily onslaught of statuses, tweets, videos, pictures, blogs. As everyone pours the minutiae of their lives onto the LCD screens in front of them, we are creating our own online world. With clouds floating above and birds tweeting in every tree, it’s something of an edenic image wouldn’t you say?

The purpose of this blog is, for me, to some extent, to hold back the tide of real life just a little bit longer.

By the end of July of this year, I will no longer be a student. I will have completed my English Literature degree at university and will have to enter Real Life. Something of a daunting prospect for me, since it has always been my goal to never grow up. It is my hope that writing as I go will help to abait my trepidation as Real Life glimmers at the edge of the horizon.

So, here goes… Geronimo.


5 thoughts on “How do I do this?

  1. I will be in your exact same shoes next year and I totally understand how you feel. I completed by degree in English language and literature last year and one of the reasons I decided to enrol in a Masters programme was that I had no idea whatsoever what to do with my life and degree (well, to be honest I still dont). Hopefully, everything will turn out ok and you will find something that you like doing. All best!


      • Hah 🙂 yeah I feel you. Anyway, do you have any idea of what you might be doing in the future?


      • I’m actually planning to audition for drama school later this year, so this blog will soon enable be to thoroughly complain and panic about every step towards that. What about you?


      • That’s cool. I have no idea what I will do. Maybe teach English or translate or maybe even work as a videographer.. it all depends on how this and next year will turn out 🙂


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