Making it up as I go along (aka Splurge No. 2)

These blogs are not going to be thought out. They will be spontaneous ramblings, or – to use a pretentious literary term – extempore creations. Thank you university! That sort of language is also to be expected, but I hope it won’t put off too many of you. I will not be spending extensive amounts of time planning these entries, but making it up as I go along. Again, if you want to be pretensious about it, then my writing style will reflect my lifestyle. I am making it up as I go along. I’m still getting out of the habit of writing academic essays, so it is slightly artsy notions such as those just expressed that may pop up unexpectedly and blogging is a creative outlet for those tendencies.

These blogs will take the form of mind splurges. And this is splurge No. 2. Splurge. I like that word…

My mind splurges also tend to end abruptly.

Ps. If anyone would like to splurge back, I welcome comments, responses etc.



2 thoughts on “Making it up as I go along (aka Splurge No. 2)

  1. Well, let me give this splurging a try. As a newbie to splurging I am assuming there is no pain involved and it is impossible to get it wrong. These assumptions are based on nothing more than gut instinct so could be way off the mark.

    Anyway as a starter, the answer to your question “Do I have to grow up” is a most defiinte NO. I never did. However, one has to pretend to be adult at certain times in order to convince everyone else that you are going to conform to certain expectations some of the time. Once this has been achieved you can regress to whatever persona you choose at any time. You are in control not them, whoever they are.


    Mike (UMSG)


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